Semi-trailer (normal)

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Semi-trailer (normal)

Box dimensions: (length x width x height): 13.6 x 2.47 x 2.77

Reference values

Type of Service 

National and international transport.

Maximum weight for each euro pallet is 727 kg / 696 kg / 666 kg (curtain / isothermal / refrigerated).

Maximum volume for each euro pallet is 2.7 m3.

Large Distribution.

Type of Service 

Digital Reading Thermographs, ATP and probe calibration (refrigerated box option).

Multi-temperature (movable partition with thermograph | refrigerated box option).

Platform lift and pallet jack option.

On-board communications and positioning system via satellite. 

Preventive maintenance in accordance with the manufacturer’s directives.

Food safety system in accordance with the HACCP norm.

Average age lower than that observed in the sector.


Gross weight

Load capacity


Euro pallets

Type of Box




24, 22 e 23 


90 m3


Curtain (conventional cargo / ADR) 
Refrigerated and isothermal

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