Transport M Brites assigns Michelin to manage the tires of 420 vehicles


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This partnership aims not only to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, but also to increase safety on the road. Michelin fully manages the tires of the Transportes M Brites fleet, via the conclusion of an Effitire Contract, at a variable cost depending on the level of activity and kilometers travelled. The use of digital tools, which allow monitoring, in real time, the condition of each unit's tires, combined with their optimization according to the Michelin multilife model, are decisive factors in the celebration of this partnership, which aims to provide the company with professional services tire management and maintenance, in order to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions and also contribute to improving road safety.

Michelin therefore offers the following services:

  • Professional fleet monitoring and tire condition monitoring, facilitating preventive maintenance, reducing inspection costs and minimizing the risk of incidents associated with potential damaged tires;

  • The use of a range of low rolling resistance Michelin tires, adapted to each route and activity, with great durability and guaranteed mobility, regardless of weather conditions;

  • The Michelin multi-life model that allows you to reduce your environmental footprint and maximize profitability via REMIX tires (reusing carcasses for a second life through retreading) and retreadable tires;

  • ​Roadside assistance services, with wide geographic coverage through the European network of Michelin and Michelin On Call service providers, which ensures the mobility of the entire fleet and compliance with delivery deadlines agreed with the Customer